Marijuana Dispensary Credit Card Processing Solution

Merchant Accounts Are Not Created Equal is the guiding principle.

Marijuana All-In-One Credit Card Processing Solution Bank Account Solution Included!

Together with our banking partners, we’ve introduced a new credit card and e-check processing solution for medical & recreational marijuana dispensaries and delivery vendors that offers fast and easy approvals. It’s a true credit card processing solution and accepts all card brands Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX. Partner with GreenKINEX today and start offering your marijuana merchants a reliable solution that will help streamline their business and day to day operations.

What we do…


Start accepting Visa payments as a form of payment and watch your business grow.


Discover has become one of the the world’s most widely accepted card. Are you taking Discover cards today?


A fast convent way to collect payments from your customer.  We will auto debit your from your customer checking accounts.


Your business needs to accept MasterCard payments.

American Express "AMEX"

American Express is a growing leader in the credit markets, can you accept them?

By the way…

In our house we have

  • True Credit Card Processing Solution
  • Visa, MC, Discover & AMEX Accepted
  • Free Cash Depository Kiosk (Cash can be deposited directly into the bank account)
  • Daily Armored Car Pickup up to $200K Per day
  • Bank Account Provided (Pay bills using debit card or wire funds directly out of account)
  • Free POS Hardware and Software
  • Free On-Site Vault
  • No Setup Fees, Equipment Fees, Early Termination Fees or Reserve
  • Funding Settlement Time: First deposit within 7 business days and daily deposits thereafter
  • Ability to add Convenience Fee to Offset Credit Card Rate

The origin of fare merchant accounts

Merchant account services company specializing in the delivery of government-style pricing to Main Street merchants.  Our goal is for Merchants to slash a huge percentage of credit card processing expense from their bottom line.

We specialize in providing safe and secure payment platforms to businesses. We help clients all over the country with customized payment systems. Our payment systems handle all major credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checks 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Our systems can provide excellent savings to your bottom line.


Was approved and accepting Credit Cards within 72 hrs. Easy process and great team to work with. Thanks Rudy for competing the setup and walking me through the process. 


After another processor turned me down your team got us approved at a great rate.  My company has grown as a direct result and can’t thank you enough.


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